Nikki was a huge help with my 4 year old, 17 H Warmblood gelding, Qashmir.  A trainer in AZ put 90 days on him before I had him shipped out here and I was a little hesitant about getting on him myself. There were so many things he didn’t know as well; like getting a bath or even going in the wash area.  I could tell from the moment Nikki climbed on that he liked her and he responded very well to her.  She helped build up his weak hind end, started him over small jumps and it wasn’t long before she had him standing quietly in the wash area for baths.  A job well done!

- Susan B., Marysville

After a pretty bad equine related accident I had horrible anxiety and fear when riding. I found Nikki through a mutual friend. She has been the most understanding and supportive trainer I have ever encountered! She knows when I am getting in my head and need a break and when to push me. With her help I recently purchased my first OTTB and am excited to continue to pursue dressage with my new equine partner, Huey!

- Courtney M., Columbus

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I took instruction from Nikki for 9 months and I learned so much and grew as a rider in my form and confidence. The way she demonstrates/ explains form and how to connect with my pony was very easy to understand. I felt very welcome and at home with our barn family. I would recommend Nikki as an instructor for her knowledge experience and top notch care of horses. I would follow her wherever she would goes.

- Kristey w., Columbus

Nikki was unbelievably good at teaching my mare (and me!) how to make loading in the trailer a non-event. We went from "quick shut the door she's in!" to a simple voice command "let's go" and now she self loads. I love Nikki's take on training - calm, kind, confident. I can't wait to work with her again!

- Molly c., Galena


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